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Recreation Department

The Recreation Board is a non-profit organization.  The Recreation Board’s mission has been to provide social activities for the children of Laflin Borough. The Recreation Board offers a four week Summer Camp and holiday events for Easter, Halloween and the Winter Season.  The Recreation Board’s mission also includes the maintenance of the playgrounds and the all purpose recreation areas.

Refer to Rec Board events tab for dates of events.

All events hosted by the Board will be posted on the Borough Building’s outside sign and emailed to those who have a valid email address registered with the Board.  Advance registration is imperative.  Please register at least two weeks in advance of the event.  Advance registration helps facilitate the organization of the event.  Advance registration can be done at LaflinRecBoard@yahoo.com.

If anyone is interested in volunteering their time, whether it is planning the various events, such as the summer camp program, maintenance of fields and playgrounds, or joining the Board, please email the LaflinRecBoard@yahoo.com.  Volunteers are always welcome and needed.

The Laflin Recreation Board would like to compose a list of households with children to ensure all children are notified of upcoming events. This will also help plan for the events with regards to headcounts and age and gender appropriate gifts. As such, the Board would like to accumulate the following information: name, address, telephone number, email address, number of children, age and gender of each child. Please email the above information to LaflinRecBoard@yahoo.com with the subject title Recreation Board.

Finally, for your convenience, as an alternative to registering to the annual events at the Municipal building via the manual registration form, you can register for the annual events via the website by emailing us at LaflinRecBoard@yahoo.com with the subject title Recreation Board. Please indicate your name, phone number and number of children attending.

Need community service hours?

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