Laflin Borough Refuse and Recycling Information

Sewer Maintenance and Refuse Collection Invoices

All residents will receive their Sewer Maintenance Fee and Refuse Collection Fee invoices mailing in late January to property owners.   Please note that both invoices were mailed together in one envelope to save on postage and material costs.

The Refuse Collection Fee will remain at $240.00.   This was achieved by extending the current trash collection contract an additional year at no additional cost to the borough.    Please contact the borough office with any questions or address corrections.

Refuse Pick-Up

Unchanged this year, as you already know, are the trash collection dates.    Trash collections are every Tuesday of each month (6 bag weekly limit at 33gal. max size).    Additional bags can be put out to the curb with the purchase of Refuse Stickers at Laflin Boro for each bag to exceed the 6 bag weekly limit.    Each Refuse Sticker will cost $3.50 per extra bag.

Recycling Pick-Up

Recycling will be picked up every first (1st) and third (3rd) Tuesday of the month.   No recyclable collection on the fifth Tuesday of any month with 5 weeks.   Contact Laflin Borough office for a list of allowed recyclable materials.   Many residents have asked if cardboard is recycled or hauled with the trash truck.    If the cardboard is flattened, bundled and tied it will be recycled.   It could also be flattened and inserted into another cardboard box without any other non-cardboard materials in the bundle.  Otherwise, it will be hauled with the garbage.

Bulk Items

One Bulk Item is allowed on the first Tuesday collection of the month.

Electronics are no longer permitted to be picked up. Includes TV’s and computers.

Additional bulk items can be put out to the curb with the purchase of a Bulk Item Sticker at Laflin Boro for a $25.00 fee.   Freon must be removed from freezers, refrigerators, dehumidifiers, and air conditioners.   A service tag must be attached indicating the Freon was removed.     IMPORTANT:  State Law CDRA Act 108 now prohibits Laptops, Computers, Computer Monitors and Televisions from being disposed of in the trash.  These items will not be collected and must be recycled by other means.   Contact Laflin Borough for other options for these special electronic devises.

Holiday Collections Dates

Keep the schedule below available for date changes due to holidays:

            Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – No change in schedule

            Presidents’ Day – No change in schedule

            Memorial Day Observed – Collections will be on Wednesday

            Independence Day; Christmas and New Year’s Day – to be determined (based on yearly calendar)

            Labor Day – Collections will be on Wednesday

            Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day & Election Day – No change in schedule

Curbside recycling will remain the same.  As a reminder,curbside recycling is the first and third Tuesday of every month.  There will be no recyclable pick up on a fifth week in a given month.


1st Tuesday
2nd Tuesday
3rd Tuesday



  1. All bottles, jars and cans must be rinsed and clean. Remove tops.
  2. Step on and crush plastic bottles and jars.
  3. Do Not break or crush glass bottles and jars.
  4. Labels may stay on all products. Remove tops.


All of the following items can be mixed together (comingled) in your recycling container.

CANS – YES Aluminum cans (soda), Tin (steel) cans, All foods cans (example: vegetables, fruit, pet food, juice, coffee, etc., including large economy size), Aluminum pie tins, all items must be rinsed.

CANS – NO Aerosol spray cans, Foil and Paint cans.

GLASS – YES Clear, brown or green bottles and jars. Remove tops and rinse. Labels can be left on.

GLASS – NO Mirrors, dishes, cups, lightbulbs, crystal or ceramics.

PLASTIC – YES Bottle and jar containers only (example: milk, water, soda, detergent, shampoo). Remove tops, rinse and crush.

PLASTIC – NO Motor oil bottles, plastic cups, flowers, pens, toys, plastic wrap or styrofoam.


NEWSPAPERS:  Place in brown paper bags or tie with cotton string. No tape, wire or plastic bags. No magazines or junk mail included with newspapers.

Note: A 5 week month = NO RECYCLING on the 5th week. A Recycling container is any container without a lid made of durable material. Example = Plastic or metal.

What Do You Mean You Can’t Recycle All Plastics???

Sorry, but not all plastics can be made into new items, so some can’t be put in your recycling bin. But you CAN recycle most of the plastic containers in your home. * All plastic bottles and jars are recyclable. Remember when you would look at the bottom of the plastic bottle or jar for the triangle with a number in it? Here in Laflin Borough you don’t have to do that anymore! If it’s a bottle or jar…(that means it probably has a screw-on top)….RECYCLE IT!!

* Please throw away the tops.

Most of the time, the tops are made from a different material than the bottles and jars. This creates a problem for manufacturers who make specific items from the type plastic the bottles and jars are made of. The tops must be discarded.

* Give the bottles and jars a quick rinse.

Recycling is all about people. Recyclables are handled by those in your home…the workers who pick it up for you…the people who work at the recycling centers and manufacturing plants. Recyclables are not garbage, but items that will be made into new things by people. Do your part…simply rinse them out!

So What Kind of Plastic Can You Recycle????

Bottles and Jars.