On behalf of all Laflin Borough Officials, we would like to extend a warm welcome to you.

We are providing this website as a service to our community and our visitors as well. If you would like anything added to this web site that would benefit our community please feel free to email us at BoroManager@laflinboro.com

We always need members, contact the chief at (570) 654-4014 for a tour to learn more about your fire department.  Follow the fire department on Facebook or check out our web site at www.laflinfire.com.

Station 152 “We got this”

Life Members:

Joe Bachkosky

Tom Bullaro Sr

Robert Haggerty

Joseph Hogan **

Peter Kuncio **

Joe Lanning **

Frank Magdalinski

Ed Matkins

Frank Mudlock Sr **

Frank Mudlock Jr

Carlton McGrady

William McHenry **

Andrew Natt **

John Norcross **

Joe Parsnik **

Michael Rehm **

Tom Rogan

Gene Sarf **

Ren Schuler

Andy Shedlock Sr

** Deceased