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Gas Pipeline Construction – Laflin Borough

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is nearing final approval on the anticipated underground gas pipeline project that will pass through Laflin Borough and surrounding communities before ending at the shale fields in northern Pennsylvania.  Although official Notice to Proceed has not been given by FERC, it is expected to happen this month.  The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has finalized their review.  Residents along the gas pipeline route should have received letters from the gas company with further information about the project.

Tentative Schedule if FERC Approval is Obtained:

  • Tree Clearing along the Route in Laflin and Surrounding Communities – March
  • Gas Pipeline Construction – starting in April
  • Continued Construction with Truck Traffic – April to September/October
  • Estimated Completion – November 2023

What it could mean to you if approval is finalized.  Once tree clearing starts, the Creekside Community Park walking track and ballfields will be CLOSED FOR 2023.  The lower playground at Creekside Park will remain open to the public.  In the interest of safety and security the footbridge will be closed along with access to the track area.

Sections of the proposed pipeline will remain within the existing 1959 pipeline right-of-way already passing through Laflin Borough.  Other sections will need to be installed within a new right-of-way through the borough. The second pipe will add greater capacity to the existing system.  The gas pipeline route mapping is available to review at the borough office.

Company representatives will be attending our March 14, 2023 council meeting.  Contact phone numbers for the road superintendent, public outreach representative and land supervisor will be provided in the near future.  The general public is welcome to attend.

The park will be closed for the duration of work once started.  The park will reopen with improvements as soon as possible.  We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation.”