Spring has sprung – Summer will be here soon!

Summertime Info:

Reminder from Laflin Police Corporal Vince Zerblas :
When warmer weather arrives the number of walkers in Laflin Borough increases considerably. With the absence of sidewalks throughout the town, Laflin Borough Police Department reminds walkers to stay close to the left side of the roadway, facing traffic. For those who walk after dark, Police stress the importance of wearing some type of reflective clothing, usually a vest or jacket. At the very minimum, light or white clothing might be considered as a second option to increase your visibility to approaching traffic. The safest place to walk is Laflin’s beautiful Lower Park  with state of the art walking track. Walk and meet up with your friends and neighbors and enjoy this great area.

Laflin Fire soars to a 5 ISO Insurance rating!

The results are in! The Laflin Volunteer Fire Department has soared to a 5 rating from ISO, a fire department rating agency that provides ratings to insurance companies in setting fire insurance rates.  There are 2864 fire departments rated in Pennsylvania, the highest percentage are 737 departments with a rating of 9. To put this in perspective of how difficult it is to achieve the highest score of 1, Plains Township was just issued a 4 after many upgrades to their training and equipment and the addition of their new ladder truck, putting them with other cities like Bethlehem, Kingston, Scranton and Erie. Wilkes Barre has the highest local rating at 3, joining just 25 others in Pa with a 3. All of these departments have a 24/7 paid staff.  Only 1 Pa department has a 1, and 2 Pa Departments have a 2 rating.

Laflin Fire Chief Marc Malvizzi said: “This is a testament to the hard work of the Laflin Volunteers who strive for excellence with training, equipment and safety.  With over 2000 hours of training in the last two years alone, most Pro Board Certified FF1, FF2, and Haz Mat courses, and equipment upgrades of a new QRS/Brush unit in 2011, and a Rescue Pumper in 2012, the LVFD stands ready to serve Laflin and surrounding communities with the best in fire protection”.

Remembering Laflin Boroughs Past


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Laflin Boroughs Train Station – Late 1800′s


Laflin Breaker – You can see the original borough Building to right of picture – This area is the large empty lot to right across the creek of the former Muddy Moose, across from Casey Kasa – Picture taken from area of hill above Broadway Street



Newspaper Story showing Laflin Resident Mike Oley coming out of one of the many Laflin Mines



Laflins 1931 LaFrance Fire Engine now in a lot in Olyphant Pa , 2013

8-20-2012 20-57-40_006

The same laflin engine giving fire truck rides in the early 1970′s, pictured at the former Yanko’s Picnic Grove at the end of Market Street in Laflin

8-20-2012 21-2-39_005

Parade Day in Laflin – Laflin’s 1st Police Cruiser – Passing the area in front of current fire station approx 1973


Newspaper story on Laflins oldest house and the old long gone Railroad Street in Laflin

8-20-2012 21-10-14_013

Laflins 1951 International Fire Engine during a parade in the early 1970′s


Laflin’s 1969 Zoning Map


Laflin Fire Officers 1977 – Top Row – l-r Andy Shedlock Sr , Tony Colonna Jr, Carlton McGrady

Bottom Row – Chief Bill McHenry, Joe McAndrew, Pat DeCinti, Frank  Mudlock Sr


Borough Building dedication 1969

Scan_Pic0013Laflin School Class of 1939



Laflin High School Diploma 1927


Laflin Borough Centennial Invite 1989


Laflin Borough New Library and Borough Buidling 1997


Original Zoning Map 1889




Laflin Borough wishes to protect residents from fraud and crime and promote the safety and privacy of residents by reasonably limiting the hours of Door-to-door solicitation and requiring a permit in a content neutral manner. As a result, solicitors within Laflin Borough are required to obtain a solicitation permit.  Persons soliciting for religious or non-profit charitable purposes are also required to first register at the Laflin Borough Municipal Building.  Borough office hours are from 8:00am and 4:00pm Monday to Friday.

Laflin Fire Dept add’s new Rescue Unit

The Laflin Fire Department recently took delivery of a 2008 KME Rescue Pumper

The unit has a 1000GPM pump,carries 275 Gallons of Water, 15 Gallons of Foam, has a 5 Man Cab, with 4 SCBA Seats, and a 5000 watt generator

It carries 600′ of 5″ Large Diameter Supply Hose,  has 2 – 1-3/4″ Preconnects (350′ total), a 1-1-3/4″ Foam Front Bumper Preconnect, BLS Equipment, a “Jaws Of Life” Amkus 30CX 32″ spreader & 25HD cutters,Honda 5.5 power unit, Cribbing, BLS Equipment, Absorbant Supplies (pigs, pads) Decon Equipment, Level B suits/boots, K1200 Saw, Chain Saw, Electric Smoke Ejector

This unit replaces a 1992 Pierce International Pumper

In addition the fire department has a 1992 Pierce Dash Pumper, and a 2011 KME Ford F350 QRS/Brush Squad