Laflin Borough Sewer Information

       Please be advised that the Laflin Borough Council has designated Koberlein Environmental Services for sewer service as its authorized agent for diagnosing and repairing any sewer related problems in our Borough.  Please note any resident with any kind of sewer-related problem should immediately notify the Borough Manager during normal business hours at 570-654-3323. Following normal business hours, please contact Koberlein direct at 570-253-3660 for immediate problem determination and resolution.

       Koberlein Environmental will assess the problem and determine whose responsibility it is for the repair.  Pursuant to Ordinance No. 5 of 1987, governing sewers and connections, homeowners are responsible for any repairs from the residence/structure to the septic tank.  The Borough is responsible for any repairs beginning at the tank and through to the main sewer line. The Borough is obligated for the operation and maintenance of the main interceptor sewers and the collection sewer mains in the street.  If the problem is the homeowner’s responsibility, he/she has the option to select Koberlein or the service provider of his or her choice to make repairs. For those homes without septic tanks, the Borough is liable for the sewer laterals from the street to three (3) feet past the curb and the homeowner is responsible for the remaining length of the pipe to the residence/structure.

Septic tank cleaning is routinely scheduled and performed throughout the year.  Other than in the case of emergencies, which should be addressed as above-outlined, individual residents should not call to have their septic tank cleaned as they may then be charged for any maintenance that they request. Beyond routine clean-outs as part of the maintenance program, Koberlein will decide on the propriety of further maintenance or repairs.

Hopefully this clarifies any sewer related questions.  Please feel free to contact the Borough at 570-654-3323 if you have further inquiries.