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WVSA  Stormwater FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions for Residents >>> Click Here

WVSA Understanding Regional Stormwater Management Handout >>> Click Here


(catch basin inlet pollutants
          / outfall discharges)
What is a stormwater emergency?

  • All spills of any hazardous material
  • All petroleum spills with potential to pollute
  • Incidents that involve illegal/improper disposal of any material

To report a sewer or stormwater emergency, call WVSA or DEP (24/7/365)
WVSA: (570) 825-3416

DEP: (570) 826-2511

Laflin Borough  (570) 654-3323
to report environmental chemical spills and/or illicit discharge issues in stormwater catch basin inlets or stormwater outfalls.

Non-Emergency Laflin Borough Stormwater Illicit Discharge Citizens Complaint Form:  click here



Please follow the links below for additional information on how you can help prevent polluted stormwater runoff.



Luzerne County Conservation District

Center for Watershed Protection