Wyoming Valley Sanitary Authority (WVSA) will be conducting street sweeping services in the borough starting Monday, 8/20/18.   They are scheduled for three (3) days weather permitting.   They will be conducting this service as part of the MS4 Stormwater initiative.

Street sweeping is helpful in reducing pollutants from reaching the local waterways by removing potentially harmful debris. Residents can help by following some good housekeeping practices that will ensure effective and thorough street sweeping operations.  Remove large items in the street by hand. The sweeper is not capable of picking up large items such as flattened cardboard boxes, branches, and wrappers. These items should be picked up by hand and deposited in the trash can. Residents are reminded not to push cinders and dirt in piles as they cannot pick up this material up unless it is spread out.

Remember to park your car off the street during the week of street sweeping.

Move your garbage / recycling containers and any other obstructions from the street as soon as possible after garbage collection. The street sweeper will not be out Tuesday morning but may attempt sweeping work in the afternoon. Do not sweep or deposit leaves and yard trimmings in the street. The sweeper is not designed to pick up piles of landscape debris. Be a good neighbor. Remind your neighbor of the sweeping schedule and encourage them to remove their personal property from the street.

Any questions should be directed to Chuck Boyd at the borough office (570) 654-3323