DEP Mine Subsidence Insurance

More Than 1 Million Homes Could Be at Risk of Mine Subsidence 

New and updated maps of coal mines in Pennsylvania are now available on the DEP Mine Subsidence Insurance website – – and homeowners and businesses are encouraged to check to see if they could be at risk for mine subsidence.

Mine Maps are available at the Laflin Borough building to view.

PA Game Commission Black Bear Tips

Trapping a bear is the last solution because it does not always work.  Some bears will not go into traps because they have been caught before or are just naturally wary of them.  If the bear is caught and relocated it will often make its way back, even if it is moved several miles away.  When relocating bears, wildlife conservation officers try not to take them across major highways because if the bear attempts to go back it has a greater chance of getting hit on the highway.  This limits the traveled distance and locations for appropriate releases.

How to Reduce a Bear’s Attraction to Your Property

  • Put bird feeders and seed away or keep it inside at night. Birds don’t need supplemental feeding in the spring and summer months.
  • Keep garbage inside until trash day. Wait until the morning of pick-up to put garbage out. Try to keep the trash inside, in a garage or shed. It is also a good idea to put ammonia, bleach or powdered garden lime in the bags. This will help eliminate the odors and give the trash a bad smell or taste to the bear.
  • Don’t leave extra pet food outside.
  • Burn off all grease and food on the grill.

Nextdoor Laflin Policy

What is Nextdoor Laflin?

Nextdoor Laflin is a private social website managed and controlled by a resident of Laflin Borough.  Although many borough officials are members and encourage the residents to use this site, it cannot be presented as an official borough communication.  Please refer to this website or contact the business office for questions and concerns related to the borough.  Borough officials will utilize Nextdoor Laflin for information posts only but cannot discuss issues in detail on this social forum.

Nextdoor allows communities to easily create private websites to facilitate communication among neighbors thereby building stronger neighborhoods.  Nextdoor was created based on the idea that the neighborhood is one of the most important and useful communities in a person’s life.  Nextdoor’s mission is to use technology to help neighbors build stronger and safer neighborhoods.

Only Laflin residents can join this private group.  For information on joining visit  We look forward to hearing from you.